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Prostate surgery is the most common surgery among men; more common than even heart surgery. Whether you need prostate surgery for prostate cancer, which also happens to be the number two cause of death for men (second only to heart disease,) or enlarged prostate, which is a non cancerous condition that many men develop as they get older that can cause serious discomfort, many men develop side effects that seriously and negatively impact their sexual ability. The physicians prescribe drugs such as Viagra, Muse, or Cialis but they generally come with serious side effects such as penis or testicle-groin pain, minor penile bleeding or spotting, dizziness, palpitations, flu symptoms, headache or even fainting or severe unsteadiness. This all assumes that your prescribed drug actually works for you. What do you do if it doesn’t? We will discuss the most effective methods to combat penile dysfunction without resorting to prescribed pills or methods that may not even work or cause undesired side effects.

Dr. Kegels is perhaps most known for discovering the penis enhancement technique that is now being utilized not only by all alternative practitioners but also included as part of several modern medicine procedures. Once Dr. Kegels discovered this technique he started prescribing it to all of his prostate patients, and his findings shows that not only did this technique restore sexual function to those that underwent prostate procedures but it also reduced prostate problems in those who were pre-surgery.

The technique is actually very simple and can be done most anywhere. To begin you need to identify the muscle that we are working with. You can find it easily by following this technique: while urinating, try to stop the flow of urine. The muscle that you just squeezed is the one we need to work with, also known as the perineal muscles. Now that you’ve found the muscle, all you need to do is begin to exercise it. There are many methods that are commonly used, however we recommend the following. Start with a 3 minute exercise. Squeeze for 1 second than release for 1 second. Do this non-stop for the full three minutes, which should give you about 90 repetitions. Take a break for a few minutes then squeeze and keep holding the perineal muscles for 10 seconds. Release for 1 second then squeeze and keep holding for another 10 seconds. This second exercise tends to be more difficult and you should strive to do this for about 3 minutes also.You should do these twice per day; usually in the morning and in the evening.

The nice thing about these exercises is you can be doing them in the car while driving to work, in the shower, or even while sitting at your desk. This technique is highly recommended by most, if not all alternative practitioners for after prostate surgery sexual function. Furthermore, it is recommended for all men whether or not they have any prostate problems. Some early studies indicate that Kegels exercises may in fact reduce the chance of prostate cancer or other prostate problems altogether.

Natural herbs are also very effective in battling sexual dysfunction. The variety of herbs available to assist in treating this condition is quite large and because of this every practitioner you speak to may have his own favorite herbs to recommend. This doesn’t necessarily make the mixture less potent, just different. Here are our favorite herbs for penis enhancement.

Epidium Leaf Extract is an herb that is found in most corner drug stores. It is commonly known as Horny Goat Weed, name coming from shepherds noticing their sheep and goats getting sexually active after eating this weed. Today, science confirms that just as for goats this herb does miracles for enhancing sexual stamina in humans as well. In fact it is perhaps the best herb for male enhancement except for Yohimbee Root. However Yohimbee Root has been known to cause some side effects with the liver, potentially destroying the liver altogether so we recommend staying away from Yohimbee Root. Epidium Leaf Extract, as common as it is, has yet to have ANY reported side effects.

Saw Palmetto Berry is another fairly common herb that many drug stores will have, although you might have to look a bit harder for this one. This herb is exceptional in restoring lost sexual function. Not only that but Saw Palmetto Berry has scientific evidence of actually reducing an enlarged prostate and preventing from one developing in the first place (reference JAMA medical journal.)

Puncture Vine is also a very common herb. In fact some of it is probably stuck in your bicycle tires. This herb has been used for sexual enhancement for a very, very long time; over a thousand years by some accounts. It is excellent for erectile dysfunction problems and to increase stamina.

You now know perhaps the best method for post prostate surgery recovery of your sexual function. There are of course other herbs and exercises that can further benefit a person recovering from such a procedure. However for the purposes of simplicity we will leave it at these methods. We recommend that you start on these methods right away (you can do the Kegels right now.) Although we cannot recommend that someone stop using a prescription drug, you may find for yourself that after following the procedures outlined here you may not need your prescriptions anymore.

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