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What are natural male enhancement pills?

Male enhancement pills, for the most part, contain naturally occurring ingredients, such as Herbs. Their purpose is to enhance a male's sexual performance in areas such as the ability to achieve and maintain an erection as desired, increase the amount of blood that fills the penis to be able to achieve rock hard erections, improve the health of the prostate, achieve proper hormonal balance and even increase the length and width (girth) of the penis in both flaccid and erect states. Although they do not have the instantly obvious effects of their pharmaceutical counterparts, an important aspect of natural male enhancement pills is that over the course of treatment (usually 3 to 6 months) the penis is able to perform at levels exceeding that of even the teenage years, without any side effects. Although it may sound fun to have a two hour erection, in most cases the sexual partner is not able to maintain sexual activity for such an extended period of time without avoiding painful after-effects. This "after-pain" is also very common in the male taking the pharmaceutical male enhancers.

This side-effect free benefit is not common to all "natural male enhancement pills" because although many of them claim to be all-natural, this is not always the case. Some of these pills actually contain unnatural ingredients that have potential side effects of failed drug tests, liver damage, heart problems and complications with the users pharmaceutical drugs. There are also some natural ingredients that have cause for concern, such as Yohimbe, that are known to cause problems for the liver.

How do natural male enhancement pills work?

Although there is some concern as to whether male enhancement pills work at all, this concern has been raised by the significant proliferation of copycat products that just throw some popular herbs into their formula without investing into the research required to determine the proper amounts, as well as the needed ingredients for a formula to create the marketed effect of male enhancement in the body. These products are created only for the purpose of making a quick buck with complete disregard for the fellow man. The end result is that the user becomes dissatisfied with their results and disillusioned by the industry as a whole. Coupled with the negative news of companies such as Enzyte that used unscrupulous methods, such as automatic billing without the buyers consent, and a proliferation of male enhancement spam, the term male enhancement is now, believed by the general populous, as something of a scam.

In reality, there are real male enhancement products that significantly increase a male's sexual ability and performance. They work, for the most part, by allowing more blood to enter the penile cavity, corpora cavernosa. They also normalize and buffer the hormones that regulate a male's sexual function. This allows for bigger and harder erections that can be reliably summoned as desired, and maintained for as long as desired.

How many male enhancement pills should I take?

For truly natural male enhancement pills, the nice benefit is that it is not possible to overdose on them. Having said that, taking too much of the product does not increase any benefit either. Your body will take as much as it needs and will excrete any that it does not use. Each manufacturer should have a recommended dosage stated on their product.

Do natural male enhancement pills have any side effects?

As stated earlier, all-natural male enhancement pills will have no side effects, however this is a generalized statement and before adding new nutrients to your body a reliable urologist should be consulted, this is especially the case if you currently have medical conditions relating to the heart or liver.

Will male enhancement pills work for me?

The simple answer is that there is no way to know until you try. Make sure that the male enhancement product that you try has a good guarantee that the company honors. A simple search in your favorite search engine will reveal if there is a significant amount of people who had problems getting their money back with a product. Take the time to research your product of choice, this way you can avoid the pitfalls that others have experienced with that particular product.

In the majority of the cases, carefully researched natural male enhancement pills produce the results that they advertise. An easy way to tell if a product is likely to work is to check its length of existence on the market, if it is a newer product, it may be best to avoid it. Our recommendation is to only consider products that have been on the market for over five years.

How long before I feel and/or see results?

You should be able to tell if a product is working for you by the end of the first month. The results to expect are harder erections, sex drive, and ability to stay erect for longer periods of time(if this has been an issue for you), however visible length and width enlargement results tend to take 3 to 4 months of product use, long past most manufacturers' warranties. The maximum length and width results tend to take 6 to 12 months of product use.

Why are these male enhancement formulas in pill form? Is it possible to get them as a liquid?

Most manufacturers prefer the pill form to ensure proper dosage, however if you have a hard time swallowing the pills, it is easy enough to open the capsule or dissolve the pill in a spoon or cup of water, though beware of the bitter taste.

How do male enhancement pills compare with Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis?

As mentioned earlier, natural male enhancement pills can take several weeks to produce enhanced sexual function where the pharmaceutical options can have immediate results, however the drawback of the pharmaceutical options are the required doctor's visit to obtain a prescription and the serious side effects (some people have gone blind, had heart problems and even died using these drugs.) The cost of natural male enhancement pills tends to be lower as well, especially when the costs of the doctor's visit to obtain a prescription.

How much do the natural male enhancement pills cost?

Although the consideration of cost is always important, it is important to avoid placing emphasis on lower priced products as they tend to carry lower quality ingredients, higher priced options tend to have significantly higher result percentages as they contain very high quality ingredients assembled in US government approved laboratories, as apposed to someone assembling them in their kitchen or garage.

Do all companies guarantee their male enhancement products?

Although we tend to see that most of these products carry a guarantee of some kind, the issue of using the guarantee to actually get your money back is altogether different. We found that many companies do not honor their guarantee at all or make the customer wait 6 or more months before refunding that money. This is why we recommend staying away from companies that are newer. If a company can survive for more than five years in this market says that at least their product sells well enough and customers are satisfied enough to keep the company profitable.

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